Oxygen Scavenger

These chemicals remove oxygen from the boiler waters to prevent corrosion and scale formation. It forms a protective film on the metal surface and disrupting crystal growth

Chemical Code Description
Hydrotreat B506 Blended formulation of tannins and phosphonates
Hydrotreat B502 Blended formulation of tannins, alkalis and polymers
Hydrotreat B120 Blend of selected tannins
Hydrotreat B10S Catalyzed sodium sulfite based
Hydrotreat B10 Sodium Sulfite based
DM 4 in 1 Blend of selected tannins

Sludge Conditioner

These chemicals act as anti-scaling agent, mobilizes sludge to facilitate removal by blowdown and also prevent deposition of hardness salts and metallic impurities.

Chemical Code Description
Hydrotreat B2065 Blend of synthetic copolymers and organic sequestrants
Hydrotreat B2076 Blend of terpolymer with a thermal stable phosphonate
Hydrotreat B2084 Blend of synthetic polymers, organic sequestrants and antifoam

Other Applications

Chemical Code Description Function
Hydrotreat B2/B22 Sodium Hydroxide based Correction of pH in low alkalinity waters
Hydrotreat B41/B42 Sodium Hexametaphosphate based Precipitate calcium hardness as mobile phosphate sludge
Hydrotreat B251 Blend of E.D.T.A and Sulfonated Copolymer On-line cleaning and descaling of deposits.