HSF Multi-media Filter (Hydro-Clear)

For the removal of suspended solid, chlorine, odour, colour and organics matter and turbidity of surface water.

This Hydro-Clear HSF series pressure media water filter is the result of many years of experience in the development of water treatment plant. Filters are available in a range of outputs from 0.5 m3/hr to 4.5 m3/hr.

Hydro-Clear filter provides fully automatic and fully programmable features that allows these filters to be use in a variety of industrial applications without much attention. The backwashing frequency and duration can be programmed and adjustable to meet the application needs. This series water filters provide cost efficient, reliable and easy to use solution to the problem associated with water, and offer the following:


  • Fully automatic operation
  • Cleaning initiated by timer or meter
  • Packaged plant
  • Designed for ease of service and maintenance
  • Simple robust construction
  • High velocity backwash valve and piping are non-metalic
  • Vertical or horizontal designed
  • Carbon models are available (HCF)