AS High Flow Series (Hydro-Soft)

Hydro-Soft water softeners are available in a versatile range that covers most of the industries requirement. Water Hardness was removed by ion exchange process, whereby Calcium and Magnesium salts are exchanged for Sodium salts. Hydro-Soft water softeners are constructed either by ERP, mild steel or stainless steel material that suite most of the operating environments.

The Hydro-Soft Standard models are available in a range of outputs from 1.0 m3/hr to 65 m3/hr. Larger custom engineered models are available in addition to the Standard Models. The Hydro-Soft AS series water softeners provide cost efficient, reliable and easy to use solution to the problem associated with water and offer the following.


  • Manual/ automatic operation
  • Regeneration initiated by timer or meter
  • Packaged plantĀ 
  • Designed for ease of service and maintenance
  • Simple robust construction
  • High Exchanged Capacity
  • High Flow Capacity
  • Vertical or horizontal designed