Corrosion & scale inhibitor

These chemicals inhibits corrosion of all metals, prevents scaling, fouling due to airborne dust and also deposition of hardness salts.  They are resistant to chlorine and pH control is not required.

Chemical Code Description
Hydrotreat C44 Blend of organo phosphonates with copolymers
Hydrotreat C103 -Blend of polycarboxylates, maleic copolymer, silica dispersant and a mixture of phosphonates.
-Designed to treat cooling water with severe water conditions
Hydrotreat C113 -Blend of AA/MA and a mixture of PBTCA and DTPMPA
-Designed to treat cooling water with severe water conditions
Hydrotreat C114 -Blend of organic corrosion, silica dispersant, phosphonates and surfactants
-High molecular weight polymer
Hydrotreat C514 Blend of zinc, phosphonates and polymers


These chemicals are broad-spectrum biocide for antimicrobial formation. They are compatible with most of the non-ionic, cationic and anionic chemicals. Also, they are effective over a wide range of pH and containing only biodegradable organic

Chemical code Description
Hydrotreat C1100 Mixture of glutaraldehyde and surfactant
Hydrotreat C2100 Mixture of isothiazolones
Hydrotreat C2100B Mixture of Bronopol and isothiazolones
Hydrotreat C2130 Organosulphur compound based
Hydrotreat C2150 An aqueous blend of benzalkonium chlorides
Hydrotreat C2180 Blend of quarernary phosphonium salt
Hydrotreat C2250 An aqueous blend of dimethyldialkyl ammonium chloride