HRO Reverse Osmosis System (Hydro-pure)

Hydro-pure Reverse Osmosis System is built to meet the high output demanded by industrial and commercial environment. The units offer both for fresh and brackish water purification with the flow rates ranged from 1500 GPD to 13000 GPD of treated water. The system offer sale rejection up to 98% and remove up to 99% of bacteria, viruses, pyrogens and organic matter.

Standard Features:

  • 2-Coat Epoxy Painted Carbon Steel Frame
  • High pressure RO Pump w/TEFC Motor
  • Membrane: 4" x 40", TFC Brackish Water
  • FRP End Ported, 450 psi Pressure Vessels
  • Pre-filter Housing: PP w/5 micron cartridges
  • Automatic Inlet Feed Water Valve
  • 316SS High pressure Valves (Concentrate Throttle)

Optional Features:

  • Anti-scalant dosing system
  • De-chlorination dosing system
  • Acid dosing system
  • pH elevation dosing system
  • Chlorination dosing system
  • pH monitor/controller
  • ORP monitor/controller