BIOBUG are live synergistic blend of all natural, Class 1 bacteria specifically chosen for their accelerated ability to degrade organic compounds into carbon dioxide and water. Bio-systems program is based upon bio-augmentation, by the addition of selected bacteria to biological wastewater systems to maximize the overall performance at reduced operating cost. The program uses selected bacteria and quantity to provide the initial population and subsequent maintenance dosage to provide continued dominance.

Code Function
BIOBUG FP Enhanced biodegradation of fats, oils and greases.
BIOBUG HS Enhanced biodegradation of starch, gluten and carbohydrate wastes
BIOBUG DM Enhanced biodegradation of milk processing wastes
BIOBUG FVW Enhanced biodegradation of beverages and sugary wastes
BIOBUG PP Enhanced biodegradation of pulp and paper wastes
BIOBUG CH Enhanced biodegradation of chemical wastes
BIOBUG AS Enhanced biodegradation of municipal waste
BIOBUG ML Enhances municipal waste water biology in lagoons
BIOBUG MT Enhanced biodegradation of animal waste
BIOBUG AQ500 Enhanced biodegradation of feed waste and feces in fish and shrimp farming
BIOBUG DLP Reduces the accumulation of grease in sumps, drains and traps
BIOBUG TL Control thatch and reduces the need for other nutrient and fertilizer supplements
BIOBUG SR Remediating hydrocarbons and other organics in soil
BIOBUG CM Speed up the process of composting and produce higher fertilizer value
BIOBUG WHC (Liquid) Odor and grease control
BIOBUG PC (Cube) Liquefy heavy grease deposits and assist in their biodegradation
BIOBUG UR (Cube) Reduce odor and blockage in urinals

Supporting products

Code Function
BIOBUG SNP Macronutrient bacterial booster
BIOBUG MN Micronutrient bacteria booster
BIOBUG NH3 Ammonia reducing bacteria aid
BIOBUG NS 10x Concentration of NH3